2015 was the year I realised my style and what my brand means. Simple, elegant, gorgeous! It takes time to find what you represent and of course as a designer you are always evolving.

Here are a few of my favourite images so far.

Rob Gardner (F)   Copyright Daniel Ilenkiw (F)

Copyright Gavin Kemp (F)   Copyright Richard Maxim

Copyright Gavin Kemp (F)  

   Copyright Doodyone 2015 (F)  falcieri-150610-6882

Copyright Doodyone 2015 (F)   falcieri-150610-6647-2

 2665-falcieri-150902-3   2812-falcieri-150902-edit

 2748-falcieri-150902   0876-falcieri-150811-edit-3

falcieri-150915-3463-3   falcieri-150915-3544-3

falcieri-150915-3584   falcieri-150915-3665

Copyright Agatha Toma Photography 3  Copyright Agatha Toma Photography 6pmphoto-151123-6048-3-horz