About The Brand 

Falcieri Designs launched in 2012 and in January 2015 established itself in Manchester as an independent designer label specialising in limited edition collections for ladies who want to impress. 
Its birth was in response to cheap, fast fashion imported to the UK. It was created as an alternative to the high street, for women who wanted to know where their clothing came from, were concerned about the supply chain and how the workforce was treated, but didn't want to see someone else wearing the same outfit. Because there's nothing worse than looking like everyone else - right?
Sustainability and an ethical approach (buzz words for this generation) are an important part of the design process thanks to tight budgets and a natural interest in the environment, recycling and the Made in Britain ethos.
In my home studio in Manchester, everything is carefully researched, sourced, designed and made by hand for a perfect fit. Off the rail designs range in size from UK8-16 but are all available for individual tailoring. Customised projects are always welcome based on existing and customer 'want' designs.
Check the galleries for updates of the latest creations and purchase via my Etsy shop. If you've been inspired, get in touch! Or follow me on social media to keep up with the latest news.